Join SHE APP and find your own Circle!

Currently there are more than 22 million Chinese women living outside of China, in different countries around the world.

Whether we are studying or seeking employment

Building our careers or starting a business

Trying to make friends, or planning to get married;

Whether we are focused on educating our children, or working on educating and improving ourselves;


It's Never Easy

It’s never easy. There has never really had a community that we belong to support us on our journeys. Until now.

Supportive community

For the past 6 years, WeWorkingWomen has connected over 100 thousand Chinese women by creating a community for personal, professional, and business growth. Our founding team understands your struggle because we’ve been there every step of the way. SHE APP is an all-in-one women’s platform offering a trustworthy and supportive community to fulfil your personal and professional development.

Dynamic interactive community

Once you log in to SHE APP, you gain access to our smart recommendations, matching the content to suit your preferences. Our high-quality content is created for overseas Chinese women. SHE APP offer a dynamic interactive community. SHE APP circles connect women with similar interests, join circles that interest you, or create your own!

SHE APP is a place to connect with friends and build your network, discuss career dilemmas, find solutions for your business problems, explore common interests, and simply share the ups and downs of our lives!

Your circle decides your opportunities

As we all know, your circle decides your opportunities! Find the circles where you belong with SHE APP, circles for your every interest, and group chats to make new connections and friends.

Join SHE APP and find your own Circle!

Where you and I connect, we all achieve success!

*Beta testing now, will be available to download soon*

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